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WeTV is a platform where you can view tons of movies and series produced in Asia. This app’s outstanding picture quality makes watching any of its entertaining content anytime and anywhere with your Android device a breeze.

At the top of the WeTV app, there is a section that separates the content into different categories. This gives you easy access to movies and series organized either by country or genre.

Another selling point of WeTV is its quick content. The format of these videos is similar to an Instagram Story. Have a blast watching these vertical clips that last just a few seconds. Plus, you can always change your preferences on your profile to adapt every setting to your needs.

WeTV gives you constant access to lots of different audiovisual content that you can watch on your smartphone. You can turn up the volume or fast forward and rewind while you watch a movie or series using simple gestures with this app. You can even change the language and add or remove subtitles without leaving the viewing tab.